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mitkRenderer Class Reference

mitkRenderer - an abstract class to define the common interface of a renderer More...

#include <mitkRenderer.h>

Inherits mitkObject.

Inherited by mitkSurfaceRenderer, and mitkVolumeRenderer.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void PrintSelf (ostream &os)
void AddClippingPlane (mitkPlane *plane)
void RemoveClippingPlane (mitkPlane *plane)
void RemoveAllClippingPlanes ()
mitkListGetClippingPlanes (void)
mitkPlaneGetClippingPlane (int planeIndex)
int GetClippingPlaneCount (void)
void ClippingOn ()
void ClippingOff ()
void SetClipping (bool enableClipping)
bool GetClipping ()

Detailed Description

mitkRenderer - an abstract class to define the common interface of a renderer

mitkRenderer defines the common interface of a renderer. A renderer render a model (either surface model or volume model) to a view. Its concrete subclasses implement the actual rendering algorithm.

Member Function Documentation

void mitkRenderer::AddClippingPlane mitkPlane plane  ) 

Add a specified clipping plane to this renderer(at most 6 clipping planes can be specified).

plane The specified plane

void mitkRenderer::ClippingOff  )  [inline]

Disable the clipping

void mitkRenderer::ClippingOn  )  [inline]

Enable the clipping

bool mitkRenderer::GetClipping  )  [inline]

Get the status of clipping

Return truethe clipping is enabled Return false, the clipping is disabled

mitkPlane* mitkRenderer::GetClippingPlane int  planeIndex  ) 

Get the clipping plane in the specified index.

planeIndex Specify the plane index(zero based) in the plane list.
Return the clipping plane in the specified index

int mitkRenderer::GetClippingPlaneCount void   )  [inline]

Get the count of clipping plane in this renderer.

Return the count of clipping plane in this renderer.

mitkList* mitkRenderer::GetClippingPlanes void   )  [inline]

Get the plane list of this renderer.

Return the internal plane list

virtual void mitkRenderer::PrintSelf ostream &  os  )  [virtual]

Print the necessary information about this object for the debugging purpose.

os The specified ostream to output information.

Reimplemented from mitkObject.

Reimplemented in mitkOoCSurfaceRendererStandard, mitkOoCSurfaceRendererUseVA, mitkOoCVolumeRendererRayCasting, mitkOoCVolumeRendererRayCastingEx, mitkOoCVolumeRendererShearWarp, mitkOoCVolumeRendererTexture3D, mitkOoCVolumeRendererTexture3DEx, mitkSurfaceRenderer, mitkSurfaceRendererStandard, mitkSurfaceRendererUseVA, mitkSurfaceRendererUseVBO, mitkVolumeRenderer, mitkVolumeRendererRayCasting, mitkVolumeRendererRayCastingLoD, mitkVolumeRendererSplatting, and mitkVolumeRendererTexture3D.

void mitkRenderer::RemoveAllClippingPlanes  ) 

Remove all clipping planes from this renderer.

void mitkRenderer::RemoveClippingPlane mitkPlane plane  ) 

Remove a specified clipping plane from this renderer.

plane The specified plane. If plane is not in the plane list of this renderer, nothing happens. Otherwise, plane is removed from the plane list.

void mitkRenderer::SetClipping bool  enableClipping  )  [inline]

Set the status of clipping

enableClipping enableClipping = trueenable the clipping enableClipping = falsedisable the clipping

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