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mitkList Class Reference

mitkList - a utility class for a list of mitkObject More...

#include <mitkList.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Add (mitkObject *itemAdding)
void Insert (mitkObject *itemInserting, int pos)
void Replace (int i, mitkObject *itemNew)
void Remove (int i)
void Remove (mitkObject *itemRemove)
void RemoveAll ()
int Find (mitkObject *itemFinding)
mitkObjectGetItem (int i)
int Count ()
void InitTraversal ()

Detailed Description

mitkList - a utility class for a list of mitkObject

mitkList is a utility class for a list of mitkObject

Member Function Documentation

void mitkList::Add mitkObject itemAdding  ) 

Add an object to the list.

int mitkList::Count  )  [inline]

Return the number of objects in the list.

int mitkList::Find mitkObject itemFinding  ) 

Search for an object and return location in list. If location == -1, object was not found.

mitkObject* mitkList::GetItem int  i  ) 

Get an object in location i

void mitkList::InitTraversal  )  [inline]

Traversal the list

void mitkList::Insert mitkObject itemInserting,
int  pos

Insert an object to the list.

void mitkList::Remove mitkObject itemRemove  ) 

Remove an object from the list.

void mitkList::Remove int  i  ) 

Remove the i'th item in the list.

void mitkList::RemoveAll  ) 

Remove all objects from the list.

void mitkList::Replace int  i,
mitkObject itemNew

Replace the i'th item

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