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mitkRawDataToVolumeFilter Class Reference

mitkRawDataToVolumeFilter - an abstract class for volume reconstruction More...

#include <mitkRawDataToVolumeFilter.h>

Inherits mitkFilter.

Inherited by mitk3DUSReconstructionFilter, mitkCTReconstructionFilter, and mitkProjectDataToVolumeFilter.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void PrintSelf (ostream &os)
virtual mitkVolumeGetOutput ()=0
void SetOoCSupport (char const *diskPath=mitkOoCGlobalSettings::DiskCachePath, unsigned int bufSliceNum=mitkOoCGlobalSettings::BufferedSliceNumber, bool supportOoC=true)

Detailed Description

mitkRawDataToVolumeFilter - an abstract class for volume reconstruction

mitkRawDataToVolumeFilter is an abstract class specifying interfaces for volume reconstruction classes. Concrete volume reconstruction classes process an input mitkRawData object and generate an output mitkVolume object. Here only the output interface is defined, because different imaging modalities have different concrete input mitkRawData. Particular input interfaces for particular imaging modalities (CT, 3DUS) are defined in subclasses (e.g. mitk3DUSReconstructionFilter) of the mitkRawDataToVolumeFilter.

Member Function Documentation

virtual mitkVolume* mitkRawDataToVolumeFilter::GetOutput  )  [pure virtual]

Get the output volume

Return the output volume

Implemented in mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT, mitkCTReconstructionFilter, mitkProjectDataToVolumeFilter, and mitk3DUSPixelBasedGPU.

virtual void mitkRawDataToVolumeFilter::PrintSelf ostream &  os  )  [virtual]

Print the necessary information about this object for the debugging purpose.

os The specified ostream to output information.

Reimplemented from mitkFilter.

Reimplemented in mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT, mitk3DUSReconstructionFilter, mitkCBFDKReconCF, mitkCBFDKReconCFCPU, mitkCBTFDKReconCF, mitkConeBeamReconFromHelix, mitkCTReconstructionFilter, mitkFanBeamReconFromCirle, mitkFbFbp, mitkFBFBPReconCF, mitkFBFBPReconCFCPU, mitkFbFbpSpeedUsingCpu, mitkFDK, mitkFDKSpeedUsingCpu, mitkParallelBeamReconFromCirle, mitkPbFbp, mitkPBFBPReconCF, mitkProjectDataToVolumeFilter, mitkTFDK, mitkCBFDKReconCFGPU, mitkFBFBPReconCFGPU, mitkFbFbpSpeedUsingGpu, mitkFDKSpeedUsingGpu, and mitk3DUSPixelBasedGPU.

void mitkRawDataToVolumeFilter::SetOoCSupport char const *  diskPath = mitkOoCGlobalSettings::DiskCachePath,
unsigned int  bufSliceNum = mitkOoCGlobalSettings::BufferedSliceNumber,
bool  supportOoC = true

Let the reader support out-of-core data.

diskPath the path in the disk to cache the volume data
bufSliceNum the number of slices to cache in the main memory
supportOoC whether to turn on out-of-core support
The parameter diskPath must be specified (not NULL) if you really want to turn on out-of-core support, if not, the value of supportOoC will be ignored even if it is set to true.

Reimplemented in mitkProjectDataToVolumeFilter.

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