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mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT Class Reference

mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT - a concrete class for 3D US Reconstruction More...

#include <mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT.h>

Inherits mitk3DUSReconstructionFilter.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void PrintSelf (ostream &os)
void UsePNN ()
void UseP3DK ()
virtual mitkVolumeGetOutput ()

Detailed Description

mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT - a concrete class for 3D US Reconstruction

mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT is a concrete class for 3D US Reconstruction. It encapsulates several Pixel Based Reconstruction algorithms, including the Pixel Nearest Neighbor (PNN) interpolation with hole filling (3*3*3), and Pixel 3D Kernel (P3DK)(2*2*2 kernel) interpolation with hole filling (3*3*3).

To use this filter, the code snippet is:

    mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT *filter = new mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT;
    filter->UsePNN() or filter->UseP3DK();
    if (filter->Run())
          mitkVolume *outVolume = filter->GetOutput(); 
          Using  outVolume...

Note: If the mitkTrackedBscanData object was generated by a mitkTrackedBscanDataReader object, the parameters about the reconstruction volume (TTOC matrix, volume size and voxel size) were given. Then you need not set anything to the object, just use it. BUT, If you create and set the mitkTrackedBscanData object by yourself, please remember to compute the TTOC matrix, volume size and voxel size and set them to the mitkTrackedBscanData object, and use SetPredetermined(true) to notify the mitkTrackedBscanData object you have set these parameters. If you use SetPredetermined(false) after you have set these parameters, the mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT object will automatically compute these parameters and use the automatically computed ones for volume reconstruction. If you really want the mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT object to compute these parameters, just use SetPredetermined(false). If you forget to use SetPredetermined(), this filter will use the default status (false), that is, the filter will compute the parameters automatically.

Member Function Documentation

virtual mitkVolume* mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT::GetOutput  )  [virtual]

Get the output volume

Return the output volume

Implements mitkRawDataToVolumeFilter.

virtual void mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT::PrintSelf ostream &  os  )  [virtual]

Print the necessary information about this object for the debugging purpose.

os The specified ostream to output information.

Reimplemented from mitk3DUSReconstructionFilter.

void mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT::UseP3DK  )  [inline]

Use P3DK method for volume reconstruction.

void mitk3DUSPixelBasedMT::UsePNN  )  [inline]

Use PNN method for volume reconstruction (Default is PNN).

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