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mitkRegistrationFilter Class Reference

mitkRegistrationFilter - a class for registration filter More...

#include <mitkRegistrationFilter.h>

Inherits mitkVolumeToVolumeFilter.

Inherited by mitkPointSetRegistrationFilter.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void PrintSelf (ostream &os)
void SetFixedVolume (mitkVolume *fixedVolume)
void SetMovingVolume (mitkVolume *movingVolume)
mitkVolumeGetMovingVolume ()
void SetOptimizer (mitkOptimizer *optimizer)
virtual mitkOptimizerGetOptimizer ()
void SetMetric (mitkMetric *metric)
virtual mitkMetricGetMetric ()
void SetInterpolator (mitkInterpolateFilter *interpolator)
mitkInterpolateFilterGetInterpolator ()
void SetTransform (mitkTransform *transform)
virtual mitkTransformGetTransform ()
void SetInitialParameters (VectorParameterType &parameters)
void SetInitialParameters (double *parameters, unsigned int num)
VectorParameterType & GetInitialParameters ()
VectorParameterType & GetLastParameters ()
void GetLastParameters (double *parameters)
void SetRegisrationRegion (int r[6])
bool IsOptimizationFinished ()
 mitkRegistrationFilter ()
mitkVolumeGetOutput ()

Detailed Description

mitkRegistrationFilter - a class for registration filter

mitkRegistrationFilter is a class for registration filter. This type of filter has two volume as input and generates a volume as output.

A generic Transform is used by this class. That allows to select at run time the particular type of transformation that is to be applied for registering the images.

This method use a generic Metric in order to compare the two images. the final goal of the registration method is to find the set of parameters of the Transformation that optimizes the metric.

The registration method also support a generic optimizer that can be selected at run-time. The only restriction for the optimizer is that it should be able to operate in single-valued cost functions given that the metrics used to compare images provide a single value as output.

The terms : Fixed image and Moving image are used in this class to indicate what image is being mapped by the transform.

This class uses the coordinate system of the Fixed image as a reference and searchs for a Transform that will map points from the space of the Fixed image to the space of the Moving image.

For doing so, a Metric will be continously applied to compare the Fixed image with the Transformed Moving image. This process also requires to interpolate values from the Moving image.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mitkRegistrationFilter::mitkRegistrationFilter  ) 


Member Function Documentation

VectorParameterType& mitkRegistrationFilter::GetInitialParameters  ) 

Get the initial transform parameters

Return the initial transform parameters

mitkInterpolateFilter* mitkRegistrationFilter::GetInterpolator  ) 

Get the interpolate method

Return interpolate method

void mitkRegistrationFilter::GetLastParameters double *  parameters  ) 

Get the last transform parameters (Array Version)

parameters An array pointer to store the parameter values.

VectorParameterType& mitkRegistrationFilter::GetLastParameters  ) 

Get the last transform parameters.

Return the last transform parameters

virtual mitkMetric* mitkRegistrationFilter::GetMetric  )  [virtual]

Get the similarity metric method

Return similarity metric method

Reimplemented in mitkPointSetRegistrationFilter.

mitkVolume* mitkRegistrationFilter::GetMovingVolume  )  [inline]

Get the Fixed volume

Return the Fixed volume

virtual mitkOptimizer* mitkRegistrationFilter::GetOptimizer  )  [virtual]

Get the optimize method

Return the optimize method

Reimplemented in mitkPointSetRegistrationFilter.

mitkVolume* mitkRegistrationFilter::GetOutput  ) 

Get the output volume

Return the output volume

Reimplemented from mitkVolumeToVolumeFilter.

virtual mitkTransform* mitkRegistrationFilter::GetTransform  )  [virtual]

Get the transform method

Return transform method

Reimplemented in mitkPointSetRegistrationFilter.

bool mitkRegistrationFilter::IsOptimizationFinished  )  [inline]

Get the status of registration process.

m_FinishOptimization Return true if optimization was done.

virtual void mitkRegistrationFilter::PrintSelf ostream &  os  )  [virtual]

Print the necessary information about this object for the debugging purpose.

os The specified ostream to output information.

Reimplemented from mitkVolumeToVolumeFilter.

Reimplemented in mitkLandmarkRegistrationFilter, and mitkPointSetRegistrationFilter.

void mitkRegistrationFilter::SetFixedVolume mitkVolume fixedVolume  ) 

Set the Fixed volume

FixedVolume Specify the Fixed volume

void mitkRegistrationFilter::SetInitialParameters double *  parameters,
unsigned int  num

Set the initial transform parameters.

initialTransformParameters Specify the initial transform parameters
numberOfParameters Number of initialized parameters.

void mitkRegistrationFilter::SetInitialParameters VectorParameterType &  parameters  ) 

Set the initial transform parameters.

initialTransformParameters Specify the initial transform parameters

void mitkRegistrationFilter::SetInterpolator mitkInterpolateFilter interpolator  )  [inline]

Set the interpolate method

interpolator Specify interpolate method

void mitkRegistrationFilter::SetMetric mitkMetric metric  )  [inline]

Set the similarity metric method

metric Specify similarity metric method

void mitkRegistrationFilter::SetMovingVolume mitkVolume movingVolume  ) 

Set the Moving volume

movingVolume Specify the Moving volume

void mitkRegistrationFilter::SetOptimizer mitkOptimizer optimizer  ) 

Set the optimize method

optimizer Specify the optimize method

void mitkRegistrationFilter::SetRegisrationRegion int  r[6]  ) 

Set the registration region of volumes.

r[0] The first (smaller) index in x axis, the unit is pixel.
r[1] The second (bigger) index in x axis, the unit is pixel.
r[2] The first (smaller) index in y axis, the unit is pixel.
r[3] The second (bigger) index in y axis, the unit is pixel.
r[4] The first (smaller) index in z axis, the unit is pixel.
r[5] The second (bigger) index in z axis, the unit is pixel.

void mitkRegistrationFilter::SetTransform mitkTransform transform  ) 

Set the transform method

transform Specify transform method

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