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mitkBarrier Class Reference

mitkBarrier - A synchronizer for mitkSPMD More...

#include <mitkSPMD.h>

Inherits mitkObject.

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Public Member Functions

void Synchronize ()


class mitkSPMD

Detailed Description

mitkBarrier - A synchronizer for mitkSPMD

mitkBarrier is a synchronizer for mitkSPMD, it can be created only by SPMD. Is you use SPMD by sub-classing mitkSPMD, please use the protected member function Synchronize() of mitkSPMD. This class is explicitly used only when you are using one of the delegates of SPMD (mitkSPMDStatic or mitkSPMDMember)

Member Function Documentation

void mitkBarrier::Synchronize  ) 

Called to synchronize threads. The calling thread waits until other threads created by the same SPMD reach the calling point.

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