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AnalyzeImageIO::dsr Struct Reference

#include <mitkAnalyzeImageReader.h>

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Public Attributes

header_key hk
image_dimension dime
data_history hist

Detailed Description

Analyze 7.5 header structure The header file is a 'C' structure which describes the dimensions and properties of the voxel data. NOTE: Values in convenience fields should have no effect on how this file is interpreted. These fields are not used read by the Analyze Program, but are written as a convenience for interpreting the file without an analyze compliant file reader.

Member Data Documentation

struct image_dimension AnalyzeImageIO::dsr::dime

The image_dimension structure.

See also:

struct data_history AnalyzeImageIO::dsr::hist

The data_history structure.

See also:

struct header_key AnalyzeImageIO::dsr::hk

The header_key structure.

See also:

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