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AnalyzeImageIO::header_key Struct Reference

#include <mitkAnalyzeImageReader.h>

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Public Attributes

int sizeof_hdr
char data_type [10]
char db_name [18]
int extents
short int session_error
char regular
char hkey_un0

Detailed Description

Member Data Documentation

char AnalyzeImageIO::header_key::data_type[10]

A convenience character string that has a 1 to 1 correspondence with the short int datatype field of the image_dimension.

See also:

char AnalyzeImageIO::header_key::db_name[18]

A convenience character string that should be the same as the the file name without th e*.hdr or *.img extension.

int AnalyzeImageIO::header_key::extents

Should be 16384, the image file is created as contiguous with a minium extent size. This field may be used to check endedness of the file

char AnalyzeImageIO::header_key::hkey_un0

Unused field for future expansion.

char AnalyzeImageIO::header_key::regular

This must be 'r' to indicate that all images and volumes are the same size.

short int AnalyzeImageIO::header_key::session_error

This feild is not used for anything other than internal use in Pre 1995 versions of Analyze. Setting this to 0 causes no problems.

int AnalyzeImageIO::header_key::sizeof_hdr

Must indicate the byte size of header file, Almost always 348 bytes, but may be larger for sites that have extended the default implementation. This feild is used by analyze to determine if the file is big endian or little endian. If the size of the *.hdr file does not equal this value, then the structure needs to be byte swapped.

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