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mitkPointSetEstimator Class Reference

mitkPointSetEstimator - an abstract class specifies interface for an estimation method More...

#include <mitkPointSetEstimator.h>

Inherits mitkProcessObject.

Inherited by mitkPointSetKernelTransformEstimator, and mitkPointSetQuaternionEstimator.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void PrintSelf (ostream &os)
 mitkPointSetEstimator ()
virtual ~mitkPointSetEstimator ()
virtual void SetFixedPointSet (mitkPointSet *fixedPointSet)
virtual void SetMovingPointSet (mitkPointSet *movingPointSet)
unsigned int GetNumberOfPoints ()
void SetPointSetMaskFlag (bool flag)
void SetTransform (mitkTransform *transform)
mitkTransformGetTransform ()
mitkMatrixTypeGetTransformMatrix ()
const VectorParameterType & GetTransformParameters () const

Detailed Description

mitkPointSetEstimator - an abstract class specifies interface for an estimation method

mitkPointSetEstimator is an abstract class specifies interface for an estimation method. An estimator creates a transform from a set of matches.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mitkPointSetEstimator::mitkPointSetEstimator  ) 


virtual mitkPointSetEstimator::~mitkPointSetEstimator  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

unsigned int mitkPointSetEstimator::GetNumberOfPoints  )  [inline]

Get the Number of Points.

Return the number of points.

mitkTransform* mitkPointSetEstimator::GetTransform  ) 

Get the transform method.

Return the pointer to transform object.

mitkMatrixType* mitkPointSetEstimator::GetTransformMatrix  ) 

Get the transform matrix.

Return the pointer to the transform matrix.

const VectorParameterType& mitkPointSetEstimator::GetTransformParameters  )  const

Get the transform parameters.

Return the vector pointer to the transform parameters.

virtual void mitkPointSetEstimator::PrintSelf ostream &  os  )  [virtual]

Print the necessary information about this object for the debugging purpose.

os The specified ostream to output information.

Reimplemented from mitkProcessObject.

Reimplemented in mitkPointSetKernelTransformEstimator, and mitkPointSetQuaternionEstimator.

virtual void mitkPointSetEstimator::SetFixedPointSet mitkPointSet fixedPointSet  )  [inline, virtual]

Set the Fixed Point Set.

fixedPointSet The pointer to the fixed point set.

virtual void mitkPointSetEstimator::SetMovingPointSet mitkPointSet movingPointSet  )  [inline, virtual]

Set the Moving Point Set.

movingPointSet The pointer to the moving point set.

Reimplemented in mitkPointSetKernelTransformEstimator.

void mitkPointSetEstimator::SetPointSetMaskFlag bool  flag  ) 

Set the flag of moving point set's mask.

flag Use point set mask in point get/set method if flag is true.

void mitkPointSetEstimator::SetTransform mitkTransform transform  )  [inline]

Set the transform method.

transform The pointer to transform object.

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