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mitkAffineTransform Class Reference

mitkAffineTransform - a concrete transform to perform affine transformation More...

#include <mitkAffineTransform.h>

Inherits mitkTransform.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void PrintSelf (ostream &os)
 mitkAffineTransform ()
 mitkAffineTransform (unsigned int dim)
const MatrixType & GetJacobian (const VectorParameterType &inPoint)
virtual void ConvertTransformMaxtrixToVector ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void ComputeTransformMatrix ()

Detailed Description

mitkAffineTransform - a concrete transform to perform affine transformation

mitkAffineTransform is a concrete transform to perform affine transformation. There are six transform freedoms in two dimensional affine transform and twelve transform freedoms in three dimensional affine transform. User should use the constructor to specify the image dimensions, e.g. mitkAffineTransform(2) (default) for 2d image, mitkAffineTransform(3) for 3d image.

Transform Mode Number of parameters p[0] p[1] p[2] p[3] p[4] p[5] p[6] p[7] p[8] p[9] p[10] p[11]

MITK_TRANSFORM_AFFINE (2D) 6 m0 m4 m1 m5 tx ty - - - - - -

MITK_TRANSFORM_AFFINE (3D) 12 m0 m4 m8 m1 m5 m9 m2 m6 m10 tx ty tz

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mitkAffineTransform::mitkAffineTransform  ) 

Default Constructor.

mitkAffineTransform::mitkAffineTransform unsigned int  dim  ) 

Constructor with specific image dimensions setting.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void mitkAffineTransform::ComputeTransformMatrix  )  [protected, virtual]

Calculate the transform matrix.

Return true if the computation is performed without error.

Reimplemented from mitkTransform.

virtual void mitkAffineTransform::ConvertTransformMaxtrixToVector  )  [virtual]

Convert transform matrix to transform parameter vector. This function operates on build-in data.

Reimplemented from mitkTransform.

const MatrixType& mitkAffineTransform::GetJacobian const VectorParameterType &  inPoint  )  [virtual]

Get the Jacobian matrix.

inPoint The index of the point in image.
Return the pointer to the Jacobian matrix.

Reimplemented from mitkTransform.

virtual void mitkAffineTransform::PrintSelf ostream &  os  )  [virtual]

Print the necessary information about this object for the debugging purpose.

os The specified ostream to output information.

Reimplemented from mitkTransform.

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