3DMed 5.3

     1.  Add online update module;

     2.  Optimize ThresholdWidget display garbled characters on Windows 10 system;

     3.  Optimization of international structure;

3DMed 5.2

    1.  Operating environment

         system: windows operating system
         Hard disk: 2G or more
         Memory: 1G or more

    2.  Upgrade log

         Fix the flashback problem;
         Add and save as AVI file;
         Solve the problem that the result of the CT reconstruction module is wrong on the high-end graphics card;
         Fixed several bugs.

    3.  Tip

         The CUDA computing module in the software must have an NVIDIA graphics card that supports CUDA acceleration;
         If your computer is a windows 32-bit operating system, please download 3DMed-Windows-X86-v5.2.19.0505-setup.exe;
         If you encounter any problems during use, please send an email to mitk@radiomics.cn.

3DMed 5.1

    3DMed has an even longer history than that of MITK:

    1.  Before 3DMed 2.0: 3DMed worked without MITK. It provided both the graphical user interface and the implementation of underlying algorithms.

    2.  3DMed 2.0: Algorithm implementations are separared from the user interface which forms the MITK.So ,since that, 3DMed has been incharge of the interface part only, which was devoloped based on the qt3 toolkit provided by Trolltech.

    3.  3DMed 2.x: New functions are integrated into the platform taking advantage of the plugin mechanism.

    4.  3DMed 3.0: Based on MITK 2.x, 3DMed 3.0 was developed to support large datasets using the out-of-core mechanism.

    5.  3DMed 4.0: Together with MITK 2.3, 3DMed 4.0 was released which was refactoried with a QT4 based user interface. The source code was also open, and can be compiled within different system environments. The plugin SDK interface was also redesigned which makes the extension of functions more flexible.

    6.  3DMed 5.x: Together with MITK 2.4, 3DMed 5.0 was released which was refactoried with a QT5 based user interface. Fix the known bugs.

    Together with the development of MITK, 3DMed is currrenly extending its functions based on the new plugin interface.

3DMed 5.0

    1. The default build environment for the application is Qt5;

    2.  Fix the known bugs.

3DMed 4.6

In this version, we made the following changes:

    1. We added a OpenCLMultiVolumeRendering plug-in for OpenCL based Multi-volume Rendering.

    2. We added a BoneAnalysis plug-in for bone-density analysis

    3. We added a CenterLineAnalysis plug-in for center-line extraction and visualization

    4. We added a SurfaceRendering plug-in to support depth-peeling

3DMed 4.5

In this version, we made the following changes:

    1. We added a OpenCL Volume Rendering plug-in for OpenCL based Volume Rendering.

    2. We added two state-transition based Volume Rendering plug-ins CUDA Delta-Accumulation Volume Rendering and Multi-Layer Volume Rendering.

    3. We added a CUDA Wall Carving Rendering plug-in for endoscopy volume rendering with wall-carving function.

    4. We added a CUDA Wall Penetrate Rendering plug-in for endoscopy volume rendering with wall-penetrating function.

    5. We added a Value Visualization plug-in for slice viewing with property value visualization.

    6. We added center-line navigation support for volume rendering.

3DMed 4.4

In this version, we made the following changes:

    1. We added a Endoscopy Slice Navigator plug-in for endoscopy navigation.

    2. We added a CUDA Structure Function Volume Rendering plug-in for structure-function two modal volume rendering.

    3. We added a CUDA ROI Distance Volume Rendering plug-in for the measurement of the distance from a ROI object to the boundary.

    4. We added a CUDA Versatile Volume Rendering plug-in for volume rendering using the versatile optical model.

    5. We modified the Volume Crop plug-in to support real-time volume cropping during volume rendering.

    6. We modified the volume rendering plug-ins to support endoscopy navigation, bounding-box cropping and illustrative rendering.

    7. We added a Hessian Analysis plug-in for hessian-matrix based feature analysis of volume data, currently only a Sheet Filter Operation is provided.

    8. We added a new Auto Threshold plug-in which performs the otsu algorithm for threshold segmentation

    9. We added a Mask Operation for operations on segmentation masks. Including Complement, Intersection, Union, Mask Extract, Mask Arrange, Bin Open, and Bin Close operations.

    10. We added a Target Size plug-in for the measurement of long/short axis of a target object.

    11. We added a Flip operation to the Basic Volume Filters plug-in which flips the volume along the y-axis.

    12. We added a FFT plug-in for 3D FFT of volume data.

    13. We added a CUDA Block Matching plug-in for volume registration.

3DMed 4.3

In this version, we made the following changes:

    1. We added a new property "source data item" to the data-items in the datalist, in order to register the segmentation results to the source volume.

    2. We added a new CUDA Segmented Volume Rendering plug-in for volume rendering of segmented volume data.

    3. We added ExportAnalyze / ExportMetaFile / ExportNetCDF / ImportAnalyze / ImportMetaFile / ImportNetCDF Operations to the VolumeIO plugin to support Analyze, MetaFile and NetCDF file formats.

    4. We modified the CPUVolumeRendering plug-in, new volume rendering methods added.

    5. We added an Option drop-menu to the slice views of the MultiViewVisualization plug-in, so the show/hide of the cross in the view can be toggled.

    6. We modified the Threshold-Segmentation plug-in, a histogram and a volume measurement function is added.

3DMed 4.2

In this version, we added in two CUDA Based visualization plugins:

    1.  CUDA Augmented Isosurface Rendering: A CUDA Based Isosurface Rendering plugin with augmented color.

    2.   CUDA Isosurface Rendering For Big Data: A CUDA Based Isosurface Rendering plugin for big datasets. Augmented color is also supported.

    3.  GraphCut Segmentation: A volume segmentation plugin based on the Graph-cut algorithm

    4.  Watershed Panel: A volume segmentation plugin based on the Watershed algorithm

3DMed 4.1

This is our new version of 3DMed based on the QT4 GUI lib.

    In the last version, 3DMed 4.0, there were still a lot of QT3 based plug-ins, which only works in Win32 platform. However, in this version, we developed a set QT4 based plug-ins which are fully compatible with the new architecture of 3DMed 4.x to substitute those old plug-ins so that the whole system can be ported to different platforms.

    For the first time, we provided both the installation package for Win32 as well as for Win64 which has a better support for moderately large datasets. And since the source code is open, it is free for the users to compile and use the system in other environments such as Red Hat Linux.

3DMed 4.0

This is our new version of 3DMed based on the QT4 GUI lib. Besides the new GUI, the new version has the following new features:

    1.  Supports the multi-child-window visualization style which allows the user to dynamically open up multiple child windows for different visualizations styles.

    2.  A new plug-in interface is designed while keeping the compatibility of the old style plug-in interface (old plugins need to be recompiled when porting to the new platform). Comparing to the old one, the new plug-interface has the following advantages:
        a) The plug-in developer can extend the data types in their plug-in projects.
        b) Supports the access of the whole data list.
        c) Plug-ins can be developed in a modeless-child-window style which allows multiple plug-ins running at the same time.

    3.  Support for a console style algorithm testing interface.

3DMed 3.0

    This is a new version of 3DMed which supports for out-of-core processing of the medical image data. It has the ability to process and analyze massive data.     3DMed 3.x is developed based on MITK 2.x, and has a flexible plug-in framework which allows the users to integrate their own plug-in to 3DMed 3.x.


    In order to ensure each plug-in can be used, please make sure that you have installed vcredist_x86.exe, which installs runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries required to run applications developed with Visual C++ on a computer that does not have Visual C++ 2005 installed.

3DMed 2.2.0

    This is our new version of 3D Medical Image Processing and Analyzing System, i.e., the well known 3DMed. Now we have completely rewritten the whole system based on MITK to validate the ability of using MITK to develop real world medical applications. Moreover, 3DMed 2.x has a flexible plug-in framework and allows the users to integrate their own plug-in to 3DMed. Most importantly, now 3DMed is an Open Source Software, and you can download, compile and use it freely and make necessary changes on your own purpose.